This page will provide you with details of all previous projects that I have been involved in. You may use this list alongside my voice reels, to help you decide if my vocal skills are appropriate to your project.

Role TypeProject NameRole(s)ClientYear
The Sims MachinimaGreat HeightsProfessor AdamsFazeStudio2021-
The Sims MachinimaUnsound MindOfficer DanielLadie Rhias2021-2022
The Sims MachinimaThe Walking DeadEvanIzumini2021-2022
The Sims MachinimaWard UniversityThorne Bailey/Professor Rutledge/Professor Reaves/Professor Bates/Newscaster/Raja's Dad/BouncerSimmerboi2020-
The Sims MachinimaThe RavenThe NarratorSimelation2020
The Sims MachinimaRaison D'etreQuinn's Entity/HollandCornymio2020
The Sims MachinimaMemories of a SirenAlexStar Shuz/Izumini2020
The Sims MachinimaMagisterCastelNevarrah2020-
The Sims MachinimaLoaded GunConnorApril Dark2020-
The Sims MachinimaFly AwayGarrett/News ReporterStar DeLaVega2020-2021
The Sims MachinimaAttack of the Cow PlantsNarratorPeafrogSims2020
The Sims MachinimaBlue MoonMark Winters/LaBlanch/StraudSilkenSims2020-2021
The Sims MachinimaA Simsmas CarolEbenezer Scrooge/Jacob MarleySimelation2019
The Sims MachinimaThe RiversJames Rivers/ConorLatibule2019-2021
The Sims MachinimaThe Kenopsia EffectPriest/Tristan/Scientist #1Simsberry2019-2021
The Sims MachinimaSerenville Stories:
Sean Harrington/Noctis Spectre/Mr ParkSerendipitia2019-
Video GameReversion Chapter 1: The EscapeThe Doctor3f Interactive2018
Video Game DubPhoenix Wright: Ace AttorneyPhoenix WrightZenjoy2018
Video Game DubFinal Fantasy IXMinister Artania/Ramuh/Derek Stonehammer/Night Oracle Donnegan/Guard/Grandpa/Face 3/BarkeepZero Score2018
Video GameGlobal AdventuresProfessor JonesSuba Games2017
The Sims MachinimaSerenvilleNoctis Spectre/Chief CampbellSerendipitia2017-2018
Video Game DubFinal Fantasy VIIIGeneral Caraway's GuardZero Score2016